January 5, 2023. 

We hope it will inspire you to get involved.

Beth Stafford

Executive Director/CEO

This year holds two incredible milestones for me. The first is the 50th Anniversary of MACC Charities on January 19, and Lord willing, the second is my retirement from this beautiful work that I entered on May 3, 1999, and leaving on June 30, 2023. I will remain both a cheerleader and financial supporter of MACC’s good work for our neighbors who face challenging times, and I hope you will too. I invite you to participate in our year-long celebration of MACC’s 50th by sharing your good wishes with us on social media.

Shannon Baldassario

Assistant Executive Director

2023… A year filled with everything that keeps MACC going; CHANGE. Life will always change, and we at MACC will adapt – like we always have. Keeping a positive mindset and realizing that change begins at the end of our comfort zone will guide us to positive, lasting results. Over these last 50 years, we’ve formed partnerships within our community and surrounding areas of CT that believe in our mission. With all of you, we will continue to “Build Partnerships to Break Cycles of Poverty in our Community.” #KindnessWins

Chef Ferdinand Cruz

Community Kitchen Head Chef

As we welcome 2023, I’d like to take a moment to appreciate what we have. I wouldn’t trade our volunteers for anything in the world. Their hard work and dedication leave me in absolute awe. Seeing these folks working together like a family to assist our community is precious. So as we usher in the New Year, I say BRING IT ON. Let 2023 bring peace and prosperity.
Chef Ferdinand, MACC Community Kitchen

Phil Leggett

Pantry Manager

They say chicken soup heals what ails you. The wonderful folks at Penney OpCo donated 31 cases of chicken soup to us, along with toiletries, scarves, and mittens, to keep our families warm, inside and out. We thank Amanda Savicki and Maureen O’Connor for delivering this incredible gift to share with our community.

Patti Thurlow

Operations Manager

Being kind is an attribute that defines who we are. This noun describes one of the characteristics I strongly believe in and project onto those around me. Kicking off 2023, Join my #Kindness Crew and me as we celebrate MACC’s 50th Anniversary all year long by spreading kindness through affirmations we hear, speak, and read. “Kindness is doing what you can, where you are, with what you have.” – Raktivist
MACC's Elves are hard at work

Timothy Bohr

Community Outreach and Emergency Services Manager

Moving into the New Year brings many ongoing and new challenges to the Community Outreach & Emergency Services Department at MACC. Cold weather starts to set in and last longer, shelter beds remain scarce throughout the region, already high utility costs are expected to increase dramatically, and housing costs continue to be unattainable for most already struggling to find affordable housing. With the support and confidence of many Manchester Town Agencies, donors, and volunteers, we are prepared to face these challenges as they arise.

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