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The MACC Minute for October 1, 2020.  We hope it will inspire you to get involved.

News from our Food Pantry  

Last week a pantry guest that shops twice a month called to say he no longer needed our services in the food pantry. I wished him well and told him we would miss him.   He replied, “I will miss you Patti and the great volunteers”. Heartfelt words…. this is why we do what we do every day! Contact Us

Beth Stafford

Executive Director/CEO

Our work must continue. What would it cost you for a nice night out with your plus one? Many nonprofits are creating virtual events to encourage donors to continue their giving during this pandemic. It makes sense and I hope the trend lasts past COVID 19, because the more direct dollars given to your favorite cause(s), dramatically reduces overhead costs.


Shannon Baldassario

Director of Services

The Coventry Housing Authority is now accepting applications for low income Section 8 (annual income limit: $21,600) and low-income state Elderly/Disabled housing (annual income limit: 54,950). Interested parties may pick up an application at the Coventry Housing Authority, 1630 Main St, Coventry, CT. Applications must be postmarked / delivered by October 31, 2020.  
For more information, please call 860-742-5518.


Chef Ferdinand Cruz

Chef MACC Kitchen

Got Pineapple? Was my young daughter’s plea for breakfast last weekend. I told her I would make her a pineapple bread. Almost a half a loaf later, she decided she liked warm pineapple bread for breakfast. I did not tell her I added zucchini to it. Find my Pina-Zuke Bread recipe in the Taste of MACC Cookbook* on Pgs. 72-73
These books make great gifts. 

*(If you do not have a copy of our cookbook, pick your signed copy up at the Food Pantry, 460 Main Street for $15.00. Each purchase provides 3 lunches at our Community Kitchen).  

Call us at 860-647-8003 x28 and we will have your copy ready for you.  
The Emergency Food Pantry hours:
Monday – Thursday (9:00am – 5:00pm) and Fridays (9:00am – 2:00pm)

Patti Gregory

Operations Assistant

Fall has arrived!! We have filled our racks with all things fall in MACC’s Community Threads Thrift Store!! Light jackets, sweatshirts, long sleeves, pants and all things cosy. The $.50 cent sale on ALL summer clothing continues through October 4th, 2020. Stop in for the end of summer sale or grab a few festive items for the beginning of fall!!

Mark Nadeau

Outreach Case Worker

Do you know someone who’s homeless or at risk of becoming homeless? Our Outreach Department receives referrals, calls and emails from agencies and community members concerned about individuals or families who are. Those knowing who we are and what we do allows us to assist individuals with resources and referrals to services and programs to aid in their immediate need.

Chef Luke 

Executive Chef Bistro On Main

Baking blesses a home with wonderful scents. Fall is my favorite time of the year. The season boasts cooler temperatures, a bountiful harvest season, and offers pumpkins the centerpiece of the dessert table. Pumpkin pie is one of my all-time favorites; so naturally, I decided to share a recipe that is easy to prepare, and sure to please your guests.

This week’s Recipe

Mini Pumpkin Pies

6 pre-baked pie/tart shells
The filling:
  • 2 16oz cans of prepared pumpkin
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon cloves
  • 1/4 teaspoon ginger ground
Mix all ingredients together and whisk thoroughly.Spoon into the pie shells.

No baking required
Whipped Cream:
  • 1 pint heavy cream
  • 1/2 cup Powdered Sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
Whip with mixer or whisk until stiff peaks form. 
Enjoy and as always happy cooking.
Chef Luke

Thank you to Paul Ofria for our new photos

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