Welcome to the our weekly newsletter The MACC Minute for May 6, 2020.  We hope it will inspire you to get involved.

News from our Food Pantry  
MACC’s Emergency Food Pantry continues being the recipient of overwhelming generosity from our community to help ensure that no one goes hungry. Our volunteers come in and work relentlessly to pack bags for our people in need. To see the smiles and hear the, “Thank you and God bless you” is what makes this worth the effort!
# BetterTogether!
Beth Stafford
Executive Director/CEO
A Mother’s ask of other Mothers
“I would like to offer a suggestion. I am asking my grown children to donate, at their discretion, to a food charity instead of buying me a Mother’s Day gift this year. There are so many people who need assistance, and maybe they can help MACC and all other good organizations.”   Happy Mother’s Day
Shannon Baldassario
Director of Services
Questions Matter. In a crisis, emergency resources are available to those seeking assistance. We are seeing an increase of calls for emergency assistance not only from individuals in our town but the Greater Manchester Area. Half the battle in an emergency crisis is learning to spot the problem with clarity, the answer isn’t in the solution-it’s in the questions. 
Chef Ferdinand Cruz
Chef MACC Kitchen
Our increase in guests’ being served bagged lunches for both the community kitchen and seniors due to Covid-19 has forced us to increase the amount of paper goods and packaging we purchase for the production of our lunches. Monetary donations store well without taking up physical space and allows us to purchase in bulk and on an as needed basis.
Patti Gregory
Operations Assistant
Volunteer: Mike Meyer comes in weekly to lend a helping hand during these challenging times. Whether it’s to jump in to help our Chefs make sandwiches in the kitchen or lift heavy boxes in the food pantry. He’s always ready to help us with anything that needs to be done. SHOUT OUT to Mike for blessing MACC and our Community!
Mark Nadeau
Outreach Case Worker
A national pandemic will not stop our Team from going into the field, directly making contact with those who are confirmed or at risk of homelessness. Each week staff along with the Manchester Police continue to engage in the community directly with those facing such a crisis. Front line workers doing what needs to be done for the greater good.
Cooking with Chef Luke 
Executive Chef Bistro On Main
We all feel stressed sometimes. When I feel this way,   I unwind with a nice cup of tea. Chamomile tea, with its relaxing properties, is my favorite go to drink to help ease my stress and enter into a restful sleep. The recipe is simple, (I make my own tea bags from cheese cloth and string) you can purchase pre-made.  
1 rounded teaspoon Dried Chamomile Flower Tea in Tea Bag
1 rounded teaspoon raw honey (many local folks out there)
1 cup of hot water
Brew the tea in the cup w hot water for 5 mins. Add honey, stir
Happy Cooking As Always.
Chef Luke

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