June 22, 2023.

MACC’s mission of building partnerships to break cycles of poverty in our community does not always mean just at MACC. Our partnerships extend across our Manchester Community, and we believe that for MACC to make a difference, we must be a part of the change. My most recent accomplishment is becoming an advisor to Manchester’s Sustainability Commission. As a member of the MACC team and a community resident, I want to promote, encourage, and make recommendations on the development and implementation of sustainability into all our Town operations as well as all community-wide efforts. Together we can make a difference! #KindnessWins

-Shannon Baldassario
Assistant Executive Director

South Windsor High Food Drive

MACC's Elves are hard at work

South Windsor High School chose us to receive this generous donation recently. Nandhana, one of the students, dropped off these much-needed food items that students collected to benefit those in need. Thank you, Nandhana and the South Windsor High School students, for remembering that the need for assistance lasts year long.

-Phillip Leggett
Community Emergency Food Pantry Manager

Volunteer Spotlight

MACC Pantry Manager

MACC is fortunate to have the best group of dedicated volunteers who work hard and help make each department run seamlessly. One such volunteer is Francis Leblanc! Francis came to MACC two years ago and has worked in the Community Kitchen and the Community Emergency Food Pantry stocking the fridge and portioning flour for our guests. Everyone gets excited when he puts on his Santa outfit and says hello to our guests during Christmas time! Tuesdays would not be the same without Francis, and we are thankful to have him with us!

-Patti Thurlow
Operations Manager

Community Spotlight

Spruce Street Farmers Market

Don’t miss Manchester Day at the Spruce Street Farmers Market on Wednesday, June 28. There will be local farmers, vendors, and departments from the Manchester area. Stop by the MACC table and learn more about MACC and how to get involved. The Farmers Market is at 153 & 163 Spruce Street from 4:30 – 7:30 pm.

-Chance Wetmore
Social Media and Systems Specialist

Teamwork to Help a Family in Need

MACC's Elves are hard at work

While conducting our normal outreach with the Manchester Police Department recently, we were notified of an eviction resulting in a mom and son becoming unsheltered. Working with the MPD, various state agencies, and a nearby shelter, we placed them in a temporary shelter room until a more long-term solution could be determined. Within an hour of being evicted and with their belongings in a parking lot, everyone worked together and utilized their contacts and expertise to prevent a tough situation from becoming worse. This is what happens when you have partners working towards the same goals. Not every situation like this has a quick positive outcome, but more and more do in Manchester because of these partnerships. What would your town have done?

-Timothy Bohr
Community Outreach and Emergency Services Manager

Greek Chicken Special

Chef Ferdinand, MACC Community Kitchen

We served up some tasty meals in the Community Kitchen recently. The most popular and biggest hit was our Greek chicken. Marinated chicken breast baked to perfection, accompanied by rice pilaf and roasted zucchini. The best part was the toppings and garnish. The dish was topped with pesto-marinated kalamata olives, roasted peppers and onions, feta cheese, and a dollop of house-made tzatziki sauce. It was layer upon layer of savory flavors. We got a thumbs-up from our guests and volunteers!

-Chef Ferdinand Cruz
Community Kitchen Head Chef

Edited and designed by Chance Wetmore
MACC Charities Social Media and Systems Specialist

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