January 4, 2024.

A New Year For Kindness

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As we enter our 51st year in service to our Community, I cannot help but take time to reflect on ALL that has happened over the past year. We Honored our past at MACC’s 50th Anniversary celebration by recognizing and acknowledging the original 14 founding member churches that laid the foundation for who we are today. We Embraced our present day to day by living with intention and making sure each day is as meaningful as the next. As we move forward, we will Inspire the future by empowering those we serve with the right tools and resources for their own success. It is with all of you by our side that we can provide for a community in need. Thank you!
-Shannon Baldassario

Volunteering For All Ages

MACC's Elves are hard at work
We say it takes a village to raise our children, but it truly takes a community to do all that we do here daily, and we have volunteers of all ages to assist in any projects and jobs around MACC. Just recently, we had a group of volunteers working on a project, filling some bags with various items for our families when they picked up their holiday baskets. One item was scrubbies that a volunteer’s 90-year-old mother knitted, and another volunteer’s 2-year-old granddaughter completed the packaging by labeling the bags. This truly shows that anyone of any age can volunteer and be a helping hand.
-Patti Thurlow
Operations Manager

From One Chef To Another

MACC's Elves are hard at work
As we close out the year, folks are still making generous donations. It’s been just short of incredible. Recently, Chef Perfecto from Emmett O’Brien Technical High School dropped off a carload of fresh produce, milk, and some side dishes. We were able to share what we received with our community. It’s partnerships like these that really make MACC so great!
-Chef Ferdinand Cruz
Community Kitchen Head Chef

MACC’s Holiday Elf

Chef Ferdinand, MACC Community Kitchen
Welcome back to our joyful elf. Dressed in vibrant elf attire with bells that jingle. Each year, Wendy joins us the Thursday before Christmas and spreads her holiday cheer around the MACC Community Emergency Food Pantry. Thank you, Wendy, for donating your time and spreading your joy with all of us.
-Phillip Leggett
Community Emergency Food Pantry Manager

Community Spotlight

Manchester Transfer Station is accepting your old Christmas Trees left at curbside for pickup now through Friday, January 15th. If you miss your shot, you can drop off your tree at the Transfer Station. All trees must be uncontaminated with plastic bags, ornaments, lights, or stands. Follow the button below for more info on Manchester Transfer Station drop-off.
-Chance Wetmore
Social Media and Systems Specialist

Manchester Police Explorers at MACC

MACC Pantry Manager
We were fortunate to have some of the members of the Police Explorer Program and their advisors from the Manchester Police Department come to learn about what we offer to the community and help build some winter outreach bags that we give out when encountering individuals outside and unsheltered. Afterwards, we were able to talk about homelessness, answer some questions and share some pizza. I look forward to seeing them continue to grow and expand their knowledge of our community and how they use that knowledge to make a difference.

-Timothy Bohr
Community Outreach and Emergency Services Manager

Edited and designed by Chance Wetmore
MACC Charities Social Media and Systems Specialist

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