August 17, 2023.

Team Building At The Yard Goats

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The nature of work is changing. Team cohesiveness is vital, and teammates who occupy different, complementary roles boost our performance measures when working together and meeting the needs of our community. With that, it is important to me that we seek out and enhance the growth of our MACC Team by taking time to reset, rejuvenate, and enjoy each other’s company outside of our daily responsibilities. After a busy day at MACC’s Campus, staff joined together to enjoy a night at The Hartford Yard Goats during their celebration of Non-Profit’s Night on Thursday, August 3, 2023. Shouting out to MACC’s Team for a great evening!

-Shannon Baldassario

Volunteer Spotlight

The Community Kitchen is spotlighting Arianna. She has joined our summer volunteer crew with her mother, Ashley. They come in once a week, and there’s simply no stopping them. I Love their energy and work ethic. They have this” what’s next” mentality, which is always helpful in any kitchen. Its good to see parents volunteer with their kids to teach them to be humble and to give back to their community.

Great job, Ashley & Arianna!

-Chef Ferdinand Cruz
Community Kitchen Head Chef

Chef Ferdinand, MACC Community Kitchen

Thank You, Arianna

Volunteer Spotlight

MACC's Elves are hard at work

Thank You, Rose

The Community Emergency Food Pantry would like to spotlight a volunteer named Rose. Rose is a fast learner, quickly picking up shopping, stocking the pantry shelves, and helping in any way she can. Her friendly nature and great work ethic brighten the pantry. Thank you, Rose, for your dedication and hard work.

-Phillip Leggett
Community Emergency Food Pantry Manager

We Need Summer Socks!

MACC's Elves are hard at work

Let’s talk socks! We all wear them, we all enjoy having them, and we all wear different kinds! Some are short or no-shows for summer, some are warm and fuzzy, and some are made for our cold winter months. But imagine not being able to have the socks for the season or, worse, not having any at all. We strive to be able to give our guests in need appropriate ones, but we are currently out of summer socks, and we still have tons of hot weather to get through! Please think about those in need when you are out shopping for those summer/back-to-school sales. One or two pairs can make a HUGE difference!

-Patti Thurlow
Operations Manager

Rising Homelessness In Manchester

MACC Pantry Manager

Just the latest indicator that basic living costs, coupled with the lack of affordable housing, are having an impact on communities around our country, and Manchester is not immune to it. July brought an unfortunate new monthly record of homeless referrals to the MACC Community Outreach and Emergency Services Department (COES). We received 37 referrals for homelessness over the 31 days of July. Of these 37 referrals, 32 were unique first-time referrals to MACC. I confirmed 28 of the 37 as homeless, including multiple families with children. Of the 28 confirmed, all confirmed families were offered shelter, one family was transported out of state to stay with relatives, seven individuals were placed in shelters, three are on a waiting list for shelter, and 10 refused shelter. We continue to see increases in all our MACC services and are gearing up for what could be a rough winter for our community and an increasingly busy period for requested services at MACC.

-Timothy Bohr
Community Outreach and Emergency Services Manager

Community Spotlight

For International Overdose Awareness Day, Change Collaborative of Manchester is hosting an Overdose Awareness Vigil at Northwest Park Pavilion, 448 Tolland Turnpike, on August 31 from 6:30 to 8 pm. They will be spreading awareness and holding a vigil for people and their families who have lost their lives to overdoses.

-Chance Wetmore
Social Media and Systems Specialist

Edited and designed by Chance Wetmore
MACC Charities Social Media and Systems Specialist

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