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The MACC Minute June 23, 2022.  We hope it will inspire you to get involved.

Beth Stafford

Executive Director/CEO

Dare to Dream?
MACC fulfills my cherished aspiration as a social worker. Since its inception in 1973, the MACC model envisioned building partnerships to break cycles of poverty in its community. MACC does not need to grow in size in Manchester, rather it needs to be emulated in other towns to create a network of collaborative help across our state.
#Kindness Wins, donate to MACC Charities

Shannon Baldassario

Assistant Executive Director

When you cannot control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond. Our attitudes, while sometimes indifferent, are often positive or negative. They play a big part in life. We always have a choice as to what attitude we want to embody. Every day I smile when exchanging greetings as it influences seeing everything in a positive light. 

Chef Ferdinand Cruz

Community Kitchen Head Chef

MCC is back at it with us here at MACC this week. Student of the week goes out to Wesley Greer-Laureano. This young Chef brought the energy and skill set that we just needed today. Wesley assisted in prep, helped during our lunch service and after tidying up the kitchen he was the last man standing! Cheers and great job!
Chef Ferdinand, MACC Community Kitchen
MACC Pantry Manager

Phil Leggett

Pantry Manager

At the Emergency Food Pantry, we receive all kinds of donations. While we appreciate your donations, we ask that you do not drop donations off after hours. You can bring them during our hours of operation at 460 Main St. Walk up the ramp, ring the pantry buzzer and a volunteer will assist you. Thank you for your compliance.

Patti Thurlow

Operations Manager

With the stress of having a baby, worrying about clothing your newborn should not be something that makes you worry, but it is. With the growing need in our community for baby clothes, ESPECIALLY newborn – 18 months, MACC’s Community Threads Thrift Shoppe NEEDS YOUR HELP! Please donate your gently used baby clothes and help ease a new parent’s worries!
MACC's Elves are hard at work
Hip hop for haircuts 180 barber shop Manchester ct

Timothy Bohr

Community Outreach and Emergency Services Manager

Not surprising, homelessness is frequently tied to income vs housing availability. The struggle to pay for housing and other basic necessities such as food, health care and child care becomes unsustainable. With housing frequently being the most expensive of costs, it is the first to be lost in the quick escalation from housed to homeless. Support affordable housing for all.
Edited and designed by Chance Wetmore
MACC Charities Social Media and Systems Specialist

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