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The MACC Minute July 7, 2022.  We hope it will inspire you to get involved.

Beth Stafford

Executive Director/CEO

Hunger does not take a vacation.
Summertime is a hard time of year for nonprofits in general, but especially hard on food programs. The kids are home and the cost of everything is rising. Before you take your vacation, please think of those who do not get many breaks from life’s stresses. Give a gift to MACC Charities today.
#Kindness Wins, donate to MACC Charities

Shannon Baldassario

Assistant Executive Director

“Bombs bursting in air”… the melody that comes to mind with every Fourth of July celebration. Fireworks light up the night and give the viewer a sense of hope and happiness. The same can be said for those who are in a dark place coming away from MACC, may they too see the light of hope and happiness to come.

Chef Ferdinand Cruz

Community Kitchen Head Chef

This past Tuesday, we were blessed to receive a generous donation given to us by Unity Farm – located here is Manchester. We could not believe the amount of produce that was donated in 8 huge boxes full of fresh zucchini, yellow squash and cucumbers. This will be such a great treat for both our food pantry and our community kitchen.
Chef Ferdinand, MACC Community Kitchen
MACC Pantry Manager

Phil Leggett

Pantry Manager

Shout out to the members of Emanuel Lutheran Church of Manchester for hosting a July 3rd Food Drive to benefit MACC’s Emergency Food Pantry. Their “Fill a Bag – Feed a Family” drive was successful in assisting us with some of our most needed items; such as baby wipes and condiments. Thank you for a great response from the community. 

Patti Thurlow

Operations Manager

When the school year ends we all feel a bit sad. The student groups that volunteer with us do not always return, they either graduate or age out of the program. We are fortunate that one group from Coventry High School continues with us. They come back during the month of July and we can’t be happier to see them!
MACC's Elves are hard at work
Hip hop for haircuts 180 barber shop Manchester ct

Timothy Bohr

Community Outreach and Emergency Services Manager

This past Monday, we celebrated our nation’s independence and freedom, as well as how far we have come in 246 years. In reality, we have so much more to do as long as anyone suffers from hunger, sleeps outside, can’t find affordable housing and healthcare, and experiences daily mass shootings that seems to have become a normal everyday occurrence.
Edited and designed by Chance Wetmore
MACC Charities Social Media and Systems Specialist

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