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The MACC Minute August 26th, 2021.  We hope it will inspire you to get involved.

 News from our Food Pantry

Do you have some extra disposal bed pads or puppy pads? During Storm Henri’ MACC food pantry had some flooding in our basement. These pads saved the day for us as we lined the floor, and it absorbed the water, so our clean-up was less intense! If you have extras and want to donate them MACC would gladly accept them!!


Food Drive Manchester CT

Beth Stafford

Executive Director/CEO

Spirits are high at MACC, and it is largely due to a growing number of people getting back to volunteering again. Good energy comes from people working together. MACC follows the CDC guidelines as it provides a safe way to come back together and serve our community’s most vulnerable members who experience hunger and other barriers to basic needs. #ServeWithUs



Shannon Baldassario

Director of Services

Life‘s made up of endless decisions. We shape our lives surrounded by the decisions we make and continue this process until we die. It shapes who we are to ourselves and to other people. There may come a time in your life when you have to choose to turn the page, write another book or simply close it.
–Shannon L. Alder


#Kindness Wins, donate to MACC Charities
Chef Ferdinand, MACC Community Kitchen

Chef Ferdinand Cruz

MACC’s Community Kitchen

A few weeks back MACC kitchen received a donation of several infused oils. One being a blood orange infused olive oil. I was intrigued and wanted to utilize this product in making some sort of vinaigrette. I happened to have 20lbs of brussels sprouts, so I figured I’d pair the two! They came out absolutely delicious. I highly recommend this recipe!
Recipe: Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Blood Orange Dressing
  • 2 pounds Brussels sprouts, trimmed and cut lengthwise
  • 2 blood oranges
  • Sunflower oil (for roasting)
  • Hazelnut or roasted sunflower oil (I used the blood orange olive oil)
  • Dried shallots (can substitute dried onion)
  • Lemon juice (need only a splash)
  • Sugar (need only a little)
  • Salt & pepper
Remove the rind from the blood oranges in strips with a vegetable peeler.
Squeeze the juice out of the blood oranges into a large bowl.
Add hazelnut oil. A few tablespoons should be fine.
Add a splash of lemon juice, a tablespoon of sugar and a little salt and pepper.
Add a good tablespoon of the dried shallots.
Whisk, taste, and correct seasonings to your liking. The dressing should be bright and toasty with a hint of sweetness. If too thin, add oil.
Let the dressing bloom at room temperature while you roast the sprouts.
Oil a sheet pan generously with sunflower oil and sprinkle on some salt.
Lay the sprouts cut side down and then scatter a little more oil and salt on top.
Scatter the blood orange peel on top of the sprouts.
Roast in a 375-degree F. oven for 20 minutes or so, depending. You don’t want them too soft.
Allow to cool for 5 minutes and then transfer the sprouts gently to the bowl with the dressing and turn with a spoon every now and then until they’re warm or at room temperature and serve.
Top with fried onions, first, if you like

Patti Thurlow

Operations Manager

A Huge SHOUT OUT to our volunteer Cathy Hastings! Cathy is a huge supporter of MACC Charities and comes in 2 times a week to volunteer, one day in the Community Kitchen, and one day on the food pantry! Cathy is not only a great volunteer, she’s fun to be around and a source of calmness in our days!

Mark Nadeau

Outreach Case Worker

The last several weeks have been busy for outreach. When someone comes to MACC in need, we conduct a personal interview. We use this intake information to learn the needs of the person and how to best help them. This is just the first step among the many we have to help them choose the path to better themselves.



Executive Chef Michelle

Bistro On Main

This year’s Farm-to-Chef Week will run from August 29-September 4, 2021, at diverse dining destinations across the Connecticut. The program helps connect Connecticut chefs and food service professionals with Connecticut Grown products. Each participating venue will create their own Farm-to-Chef menu showcasing special Connecticut Grown ingredients. Bistro on Main will be featuring a farm fresh vegetable risotto and fruit crisp.

Thank you to Paul Ofria for our new photos

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