December 7, 2023.

#Kindness Wins, donate to MACC Charities

On Sunday, November 26, 2023, I had the privilege of attending our faith partner’s Sunday service at Wapping Community Church, UCC. During their service, I was invited up to speak with the congregation, give MACC’s mission, and share all the upcoming events happening since taking on my new role as CEO. This year is certainly going to be busy! It was a blessing to be welcomed with such love and compassion to serve those in need. If you are looking at ways for your faith circle to be in the buzz! I would love an invitation to join you with your faith families so you can get in the known with all the details, programs, services, and support we provide to those in need.

-Shannon Baldassario

TruePenny Tattoo Walk-in Food & Clothing Drive

MACC Pantry Manager

One of the most satisfying parts of my job is meeting the amazing people and businesses that support our needs. Just a few weeks ago, I asked for various items, from clothing to food, to help us meet the demands of the upcoming cold weather season. This included items for our Winter Shelter, Community Emergency Food Pantry, and Community Outreach, as well as our partners at the Manchester Police Department, to give out when encountering someone in need while doing outreach in the community. TruePenny Tattoo held a Food and Clothing Walk-In day where when you showed a receipt of the donations you brought in, that amount was deducted from the cost of your tattoo. MACC received various amounts of almost every food item on our list and additional cold-weather clothing items, personal hygiene products, and gift cards totaling thousands of dollars in goods. What a way to start the new season. Thank you, TruePenny Tattoo, and your very generous clients.

-Timothy Bohr
Community Outreach and Emergency Services Manager

Blessings For The Holidays

MACC's Elves are hard at work

One of the many things we do for the families we serve is a Blessing bag. These bags are made of candy and other treats to give them a little blessing during the holidays. First Church of Glastonbury’s middle school kids have assembled 75 Blessing bags for our families this Christmas. Our youth are our future volunteers, and here at MACC, we love seeing them involved in all aspects of what we do here for the community. Thank you, First Church Middle School Youths, for doing this for three years and strengthening this amazing tradition!

-Patti Thurlow
Operations Manager

Learning The Values Of Kindness

MACC's Elves are hard at work

The MACC Community Emergency Food Pantry was blessed by a visit from the Wapping Community Church Middle School Youth Group recently. One member said, “They really understand that there are many people who need help due to food insecurity. Many expressed how grateful they are to have food in the pantry at home!” They worked hard to prepare our families’ holiday bags for their Thanksgiving needs and learned about what goes into supporting the families we serve. We are grateful for their help and look forward to having them back in the future.

-Phillip Leggett
Community Emergency Food Pantry Manager

Giving For The Holidays

While you are out shopping for gifts this holiday season, don’t forget about your fellow community members in need. MACC’s Holiday Reverse Advent Calendar has 24 of our most needed items for the Community Emergency Food Pantry. Celebrate the holiday with giving and donate what you’ve collected after the holidays. It’s the giving season!

-Chance Wetmore
Social Media and Systems Specialist

MACC Chef At MHS Panel

Chef Ferdinand, MACC Community Kitchen

Just recently, I was asked to join a panel of Chefs at Manchester High School to discuss food insecurity in our community. It was an honor being invited. The students had questions ready for all of us on the panel. It was refreshing being able to give the students career insight and how my passion for the kitchen directly impacts those in our community. I’d have to say my favorite part was seeing how engaged the students were during the event.

-Chef Ferdinand Cruz
Community Kitchen Head Chef
Edited and designed by Chance Wetmore
MACC Charities Social Media and Systems Specialist

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