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The MACC Minute July 15, 2021.  We hope it will inspire you to get involved.

 News from our Food Pantry

Did you know that MACC Charities Emergency Food Pantry has a wish list on Amazon?  Click the button to view our list, and you can order our most needed items for the families that we serve, and they will be delivered right to MACC Charities.  It makes donating easy and convenient for you while fulfilling your desire to help others. 

Food Drive Manchester CT
Beth Stafford, Executive Director MACC Charities

Beth Stafford

Executive Director/CEO

Foundation was defined in two ways last Friday. The first was physically overwhelming, watching water pour through our organization’s brick and mortar foundation from the heavy rain. The second was spiritually overwhelming, watching people focus on the missional foundation. The physical challenge was addressed but not at the expense of serving hot meals and groceries to those in need. #MissionWon

Shannon Baldassario

Director of Services

A fresh start begins as we kick off MACC’s new Fiscal year July 1, 2021. With that comes the boost of energy and enthusiasm that is catalyst to the tasks we complete. I am challenging my staff to the “Fresh Start Effect” to take action in the New Year. Choose a goal and start taking action towards achieving it. #WhatsYours


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Taste of MACC Cookbook

Chef Ferdinand Cruz

MACC’s Community Kitchen

A grateful Chef shouts out to Howard from Unity farm in Manchester, who donated close to 100lbs of fresh produce this week. He donated cucumbers, yellow squash, and zucchini! We immediately roasted the squash in a bit of oil, garlic, and shallots and served it to our lunch guests so, no time for pictures, but we did get the cucumbers.

Patti Thurlow

Operations Manager

I want to highlight a gentle soul that helps MACC a few days a week. He ensures that the days run smooth on his watch and is known for his kindness to everyone. Phil Leggett has been with MACC for three years as a loyal volunteer and has earned his title of #Lead Volunteer, mastering all assignments given to him. #ThanksPhil!
Volunteer with MACC Charities

Mark Nadeau

Outreach Case Worker

Living in a place not meant for habitation or deemed uninhabitable can certainly take a physical and mental toll on any individual. Our team has been working with a man who through his own circumstances found himself homeless sleeping outside. Building trust and allowing us to provide this individual respite from his norm, opened the conversation to ask for HELP!



Executive Chef Michelle

Bistro On Main

Please welcome Bistro on Main’s newest side dish, Farro Salad! Our organic Farro is dressed in an orange vinaigrette along with carrots, currants, mint, parsley, and a touch of curry. All of our sides are made in house, from our Fries and Potato Chips to our Cole Slaw and Cucumber Salad. Stop in today to try them for yourself!


Bstro On Main Manchester CT specials

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