Stop Our Waste

Food Waste Reduction Campaign


Join us all April long as we reduce food waste in our community. Food waste impacts so much of how we live our lives and MACC’s ability to serve those most in need of food. We are asking you to do your part in reducing food waste by following our food waste reduction guidelines.

The prevention of food waste is a key component in helping our community reduce climate emissions, divert waste from landfills, and protect the economic well-being of our residents. Over 60 million tons of food are wasted each year in the U.S. At the same time, millions of people are struggling to afford to eat, and emergency food pantry use has sadly risen over these last few years. We are calling upon you to join the Stop Our Waste Campaign this April to educate ourselves and our community about the prevention of food from going to waste and the benefits of resources available right here in our Manchester Community. By addressing food waste, we can all be a part of a better future.