Because of You

Building partnerships to break the cycle of poverty in our community works thanks to our generous donors, volunteers and dedicated staff.  It is with a grateful heart that we say THANK YOU to the following people and organizations which made 2019 such a successful year for us.

Annual Donor List for 2019

Constitutent Type

Civic Organization
AFSCME Local 991
Bolton Lions Club
Elks Club
Friendship Tuscan Lodge No 145 AF&AM
Manchester Emblem Club 251
Manchester Lions Club
Manchester Republican Town Committee
Metropolitan Shooters, Inc.
Silk City Striders
UNICO National Manchester Chapter

Community Group
Alpha Delta Kappa Gamma Chapter
Arbors Residents Association
Emergency of Hunger Drive
Futsal and Street Soccer
Manchester Women’s Club
MACC Sticker Campaign
The Pathfinders Association

Ahold Financial Services
Allied Printing Services Inc
Arbors of Hop Brook
AT&T Employee Giving Campaign
Big Y Foods, Inc.
Big Y Manchester
Collins Aerospace
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
The Connecticut Water Company
Highland Park Market
JCPenney Corporation Inc.
LPL Financial
Mazda of Manchester
Prospect Manchester Hospital, Inc
Schwab Charitable Fund
ShopRite Partners in Caring
The Travelers Employees Club
United Technologies
ValCor Communications Corp

Faith Group
All Saints’ Episcopal Church
Archdiocese of Hartford Archbishop’s Annual Appeal
Beth Sholom B’Nai Israel, Inc
Covenant Chapel
Church World Service, Inc.
Full Gospel Interdenominational Church Inc
Holy Transfiguration Inc. Romanian Orthodox Mission
Knights of Columbus
Little Flower of Jesus Mothers Circle
MACC Cookbooks
Rockville United Methodist Church
Ruth Circle
St. Joseph Fraternity
Saint Paul’s Booster Club
Unitarian Universalist Society East

Acorn Alcinda Foundation
Aetna Foundation
Beatrice Fox Auerbach Foundation Fund
Charties Ai Foundation of America
Emp. Match Bristol-Myers Squibb
DUR-A-FLEX Foundation Inc.
Eversource Energy Foundation
Ghada Foundation Inc
H. Louise Ruddell Charitable Fund
Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
Lucien B. & Katherine E. Price Foundation
Manchester Road Race, Committee, Inc.
Network For Good
NewAlliance Foundation
The Rotary Foundation
SBM Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Texas Instruments Foundation
The Hartford County Bar Foundation Inc
The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust

William Foulds

Mary Anne Ainsworth
Ms. Patricia F. Albers
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C Albert
Sally and Bob Albert
Mary E Alexander
Ms. Denise A Allard
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Atwell
Jennifer Avery
Mr. and Mrs. David Azevedo
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Babij
Mr. James J Bagni
Justin Bair
Ms. Martha M Baker
Michael Balon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T Barker
Ms. Alice B. Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Barrett , Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John J Barry
Elizabeth M Barry
Ms. Carolyn A. Barry
Peter S Bartolotta
Ms. Karen Q Bauer
Jean Bergen
George W Beauregard
Donald Beerworth
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E Belknap , III
Mr. and Mrs. Roy F Bell
Mr. Alan Benford
Bennett Senior Housing
Mr. Robert B Bernobich
Janet L Bessette
Janie Bickerstaff
Elizabeth A Bickley
Gerald Bidwell
Mr. Peter Blair
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F Blair
Mary K Blocklin
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Boire
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bolliger
Beth Bonetti
Linda Borovicka
Ms. Noreen Botticello
Mary Boyle
Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Brady
Mr. and Mrs. David Brannick
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Brannick
Jacqueline Brenn
Michael Brett
Louise C Brochu
Carl Brolin
Mr. and Mrs. George F Brooks
Dolores M Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Brown
Paula L Brown
Frances L Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D Brown
Mr. G.A. (Jerry) Bujaucius
Gerald Bujaucius
Glenda D Burgos
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L Burke
Robert & Carole Butenas
Patricia M Buttero
Mr. and Mrs. Elaine Cacciapuoti
Ms. Elizabeth A. Caffrey
Mr. and Mrs. Don Camper
Paige Calhoun
Ms. Janet D Cantin
Robert Cantwell
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Carbone
Mr. and Mrs. James M Carlson
Sarah Carlson
Raymond Carpe
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. David J Carreiro
Janet Drusilla Carter
Heather Castagna
Carol Cavalieri
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Cavedon
Peter and Roberta Chamalian
Ms. Rebecca L Chapa
Robert L. Chapman
Andrea Chinnici
Mr. and Mrs. R. Allen Choiniere
Ms. Margaret Churchill
Ms. Linda L Civitillo
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Clancy
Dr. Diane D. Clare-Kearney , EdD
Judith Coco
Caroline I Colino
Elaine Copeland
Mr. and Mrs. Fred G Copeland
Dorothy Corcoran
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Corso
Mary Jean Cosma-Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. Antone Cosme
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J Cosumano , Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Rolland R Cote , Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. T C Cox
Ms. Nancy Cretaro
Ms. Margaret B Crone
Mr. and Mrs. James T Cronin
Robert & Priya Crum
Tess Cullen
Ann Curley
Mrs. Doris R Curtis
Irene Cyr
Mr. and Mrs. Emile G Cyr
Mr. and Mrs. Michael M Darby
Laurie T Darman
Mr. and Mrs. Philip M Davis
Ms. Jeanette Day
Kimberly DeBaise
Ms. Peg DeForge
Anthony DeMarco
Linda Depamphilis
Agnese DeRosa
Anne C. Derrick
Ms. Irene L Devanney
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H Devanney
Mr. and Mrs. Marles D Deveau
Shari Diamond
Mrs. Isabel Diaz
Ms. Ellen Digan
Michelle Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A Doll
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Donahue
Mr. and Mrs. Armando J D’Onofrio
Robert Doton
Mary V Dowding
Ms. Doreen H Downham
Jessica Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Doyle
Robert J Druge
Romeo Dube
Benjamin Dubow
Richard Dubow
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D Duff , Jr.
Carina Duffy
Scott & Mary Beth Dufresne
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius T. Duggan , Jr.
Doreen A Dusza
Mr. and Mrs. Randolf G Ebora
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Edison , III
Gary D Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Egnasko
Mr. David L. Enes
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G England
Mrs. Dottie L Enloe
Mr. and Mrs. Miguel a Escalera , Jr.
Carole M Eschner
Jeffrey Ettinger
Mr. and Mrs. Noel Fagan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Favata
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F Feloney
Andrew Feng
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Finkle
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore T Fiorentino
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R Fitting
Lynne Flanagan and Ernest Marquez
Deborah A Flower
Ms. Anne C Foley
Ms. Teresa E. Foley
Mr. and Mrs. John S Foley
Michelle J Francis
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Fulco , III
Ms. Margaret A Gagne
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond S Gagnon
Matthew S Galligan
Eva L Gardow
Brian Gauthier
Diane Gawlinski
Mrs. Florence K Gay
Michael Gerrity
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott N Georgeady
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Giacopassi
Barbara Girard
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J Giard
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart B Gibson
Annette Glahn
Gary Godin
Helen Godin
Mr. Myrle S Goff
Barbara L Gold
Barry Goldberg
Caryl Goldstein
Richard & Robin Goldstein
Mr. Cesar E. Gonzales
Ms. Michaela A. Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. David M Gough
Charles Gousse
Ms. Ann-Louise Gracyalny
Mr. Charles R. Graff , Jr.
Miss Nina Graham
Elizabeth Gray
George Gray
Ms. Geraldine P Greene
Linda Grindle
Mr. Peter H. Grose
Stan Gryskewicz
Michael Guay
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R Gunther
Douglas & Stephanie Haas
Steven Hadge
Vickie Hadge
Mrs. Ada Halpryn
Lisa Hancock
Ms. Carol M Harley
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Harris
Ernest Hart
Jim Hartung
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A Hayward
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Henderson
Ms. Linda M Hennequin
Ms. Pamela Herring
Michael Hettinger
Ms. Alberta Hoagland
John Hodgkins
Mr. and Mrs. John E Hodgkins
Mary Hoffman
Hilary and Hugh Holland
Howard M Holmes
Jason Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Huestis
Michele M Hughes
Janice Hurley
Joanell Hutchinson
Mr. and Mrs. James D Iacobellis
Terrence Irving
Charles J Ingardia
Dr. and Mrs. Wells Jacobson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J Jacques
Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Jamison
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E Jarvis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce V Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Ross M Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Darcy H Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Q Johnson
Helen J Johnson
Ms. Doris Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Johnston , Jr.
Therese Jones
John Sjmar Joseph
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A Joslin
Stephen M Joyner
Nancy H. Kavanaugh
Kathleen D Keeler
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kellogg
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson G King , Jr.
Samuel King
Stephen Kitsock
Miroslaw Klapyk
Holly Klein
Ms. Marion Knight
Janice Knotts
Catherine M Kosciol
Ms. Shirley Krasinski
Mr. and Mrs. Craig M Krest

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Kurtz
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Labelle , Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C Lachance , Jr.
Gary A Ladabouche
Ms. Ana Maria Lage
Jill Lambouses
Mr. and Mrs. Alan S Lammey
Susan Lane
Mr. and Mrs. William J Lane
Ms. Margaret M Langevin
Annette Langevin
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Lanning
Bethany LaPorte
Catherine Lappen
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R Law
Robert Law
Mr. Richard Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Layer
Ms. Jeanne Lee
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Legier
Thomas Leone
Cynthia Lepack
Dr. and Mrs. Manuel Lerman
Robert Lessard
Mr. and Mrs. Sean M Lindsay
Amanda Little
Nereida Lopez
Eric Lord
Sara Lourie
Ms. Ann Lucente
Mr. Frank MacGrory
Mrs. Jennie M Macione
Mrs. Althea Maclean
Meghan MacLean
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn P Magnussen
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W Maneggia
Ms. Eleanor Manner-Beaulieu
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A Manning
Diane M Manning
Josephine Maratta
Mr. and Mrs. Al G. Marquez
Ann Martell
Ms. Betty R. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip G Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Jon A Marx
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M Masson
Brenda L Maston
Mrs. Madeline Matheny
Mr. and Mrs. Gary C Matre
Joyce H. Mauro
Mr. and Mrs. James M Mayer
Ms. Antoinette T. Mazurek
Margaret Mccarroll
Jane P. McCarthy
Ms. Dale J McCubrey
Siobain P McHugh
David N. McInerney
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W Meggers
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E Merz
Pamela Michaud
Mark & Michelle Michielini
Michael Mistretta
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mistretta
Judith B. Mitrowski
Ms. Deborah S Moretz
Leanne D Morgan
Ms. Heidi Morse
Gary and Karen Mortensen
Kathleen D. Moseley
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A Moulton
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J Murphy
Murdo R. Murray
Susan Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E Myette , Jr.
Mr. Geoffrey Naab
Geoffrey Naab
Calvin S Nakatsuka
Joseph and Lory Natale
Lisa Neid
Robert Neil
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A Nelson
Marilyn S. Neumayer
Mr. and Mrs. John Neumuth
Judith Nevins
Sue Nicholson
Ping Ng
Mr. and Mrs. Peter N Nielson
Mr. Robert A. Nilson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Norman
Mr. and Mrs. John P Norton
Mr. Timothy E O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J O’Connor
James Oliphant
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin F O’Donnell
Eileen O’Reilly
Ethel Orfitelli
Pamela Orlowski
Mr. and Mrs. Walter h Orthner
Jeffrey Orszak
Ms. Elaine Otter
Brian Pabst
Ms. Nancy F. Pagani
Walt Palka
Lori Palmer
Mary Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pappas
Doug Patraw
Maria Patrocinio
Mr. Matt Patterson
Alberta Patti
Kris Pelletier
Kathleen Pellizzari
Mr. Brian M Peregrin
Ms. Kathleen C Perlitz
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Perzanowski
Mr. Peter M Phelon
Mr. and Mrs. Laura Perry Phillipe
Ms. Doris Phillips , MD
Kathleen Picard
Janice Pierro
Ms. Annabel Pinto
Rabbi and Mrs. Richard Plavin
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A Plese
Susan Plese
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Poirier
Mr. and Mrs. Mike L Policastro
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan H Potterton
Mr. Raymond H. Prest
Kathleen Protulis
Ms. Caroline R Quish
Mrs. Dorothy Ralston
Kelly Rametta
Robert and RoseAnn Read
Mitzi C. Reichenbach
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Reuter
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ricciardone
Ms. Jeanne Richer
Donald Ringbloom
Shirley D Ristau
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M Rogala
Joan H Rogers
Ms. Linda H Rohlfs
Ms. Judith A Rohlfs
Mrs. Susan B Rolston
Susan B Rolston
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Romay
James Roscoe
Mr. and Mrs. Howard E Rovegno
Jennifer Rovegno
Donald Roy
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R Roy
Susan Rubin
Nubia Ruglio
Mr. and Mrs. David M Russell
Mr. George P Russell
Mr. Paul E. Sacksman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark P Salafia
Mr. and Mrs. John Salvas
Suzanne Salvatore
Akivilina Samulis
Ms. Barbara Sankey
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J Santacroce
Bill and Pam Sargent
Mr. and Mrs. James H Sarles
Taylor Savage
Kenneth Sawka
Mr. and Mrs. David Scata
Anne G Scata
Mr. and Mrs. Francis A Scata
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Schaller
Mark Schauster
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Schauster
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E Schofield
Attorneys At law Toby Schuman
Zachary Schurin
Mr. and Mrs. Jane M Scopino
Dave & Diane Sedler
Surendar Seerangan
Heidie Segal
Siudhu Seganan
Vincent T Shaheen
Martha M Shamy
Mr. David G Shapiro
Ms. Rosamond Shaw
Mr. William J Shea
Mr. David A Sherman
Christina Shugrue
Michael A Silva
Don Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Simonds
Ms. Barbara B Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Jay A Smith
Lisa J Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James S Soboleski
Arthur Spiro
Ms. Shirley Spoor
Beth Stafford
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A Stafford
Antwane Stavis
Ms. Marjorie P Stavolone
Deborah Stein
Kyle Stephens
Larry and Alisa Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P Stevens
John & Dee Stofko
Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Diane Strano
Marilyn Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter G Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sutkaitis
David and Pamela Switalski
Lauren Sylvestre
Mr. Stephen Szymanski
Eleanor Szmurlo
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman G Tarr
Ms. Linda S. Tartonis
Ms. Alexis Taylor
David Taylor
Benjamin Teaford
Helen Tencellent
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J Temple
Eileen Templeton
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Templeton
Sandra P. Terryberry
Evelyn Thayer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F Thayer
Nancy H Thomas
Dr. Earl Thompson
Matthew Tierinni
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H Timbrell , Jr.
Robert Topliff
Kathie Trocolla
Robert Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tweedie
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Tyler
Michael G Valva
Ms. Linda J. Vandine
Ms. Gail Varney
Janet Varrick
Mr. Thomas Vasko
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Vincens
Laura Vincze
Mr. and Mrs. Victor A Vincze
Trimone Virgo
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J Visone
Mr. and Mrs. David Waltz
Mr. Allen Ward , Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. David N Waxman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P Welch
Robert Werst
Elizabeth H Wertheim
Kenneth Wichman
Mr. Robert White
Mr. and Mrs. David J White
Linda M Whitely
Mr. and Mrs. John H Whiton
Dr. and Mrs. C. Wendell Wickersham , III
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Williamson
Charles E Wilson
Kathleen Wilson
Ms. Marilyn Wilson
Elizabeth Wood
Judith Wry
Donna Wu
Ms. Joyce A Yarnot
Brenda Yeomans
David & Rachel Yoder
M. A. Zeh
Raza Zaidi
Mr. and Mrs. James Zilora

Member Church
Bolton Congregational Church, UCC
Buckingham Congreationl Church
Church of the Living God
Community Baptist Church
Concordia Lutheran Church
Emanuel Lutheran Church
Faith Tabernacle
First Baptist Church of Manchester
First Church of Christ Congregational UCC
First Congregational Church UCC
North United Methodist Church
South United Methodist Church
St Georges Episcopal Church
St. James Church
Trinity Covenant Church
Unity of Greater Hartford
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church

Town of Bolton
Town of Manchester

American Federation of Teachers
Ibew Local Union 35 Golf Committee
Minds in Motion

Manchester High School
St. James School
Stone Academy
Waddell Elementary School

Small Business
Action Air Systems Inc
Ambulance Service of Manchester, LLC
Borgida and Co., P.C.
Dr. Angelee Carta
Cheney Mortgage
Christensen Insurance LLC
Clean Away Inc DBA Maid Brigade of Northern CT
Community Hartford SNET
DecormierFamily LLC III
Dunkin Donuts
Elaine Dunn 21ST Century Media LLC
Fishead Design, LLC
Greater Mancheste Chamber of Commerce
Law Offices of Paul L. Rubin
The MA Group
Marjars Sourcing
Ellen M McCreery , CPA
Novel Tees Screen Printing & Embroidery
McDonald Family Trust
Mulberry Street Pizza
Savings Institute Bank and Trust
Sharper Vision Consulting
Sylvestre Enterprises, LLC
The Main Pub
Tri-county Alliance of Realtors
Vanguard Charittble Endowment Program
Jeffrey T. Walsh & Associates, P.C.
Wilson Company of Connecticut

Clarence Jeffers Trust
Ensign Susan m Clarence Jeffers Trust
Pavel Wilson Living Trust

United Way
United Way of Central & Northeastern CT
United Way of Greater Waterbury
United Way of MA Bay & Merrimack Valley