Why We Do It

A mother with several young children came to us after their house burnt down. They had no clothing so they came to our thrift shop.

A man with a fixed income could no longer afford groceries so he came to our pantry.

A family had no money for lunch so they came to our community kitchen.

A woman who was about to lose her heat in the middle of winter so she came to our advocacy department.

Emergency needs affect ordinary people every day. We are able to help meet emergency needs when the unthinkable happens or when the hard times push too hard. We can teach people to advocate for themselves and offer a hand up, not a hand out.

We were able to clothe the entire family who had lost their home to fire. We were able to offer groceries to the man with a limited budget. We were able to feed a family on the brink of hunger. We were able to keep a lady warm when winter was at its coldest. In the simplest sense, we believe nobody should be hindered from regaining their footing when the resources are available to help them up. That is why we do what we do: because we can.

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