Brief History

MACC was founded in 1973 by 14 churches who came together and formed the Manchester Area Conference of Churches with the intention of meeting emergency needs in the community. Today, MACC proudly shoulders its mission with over 35 different church communities from Manchester, Bolton, South Windsor, Glastonbury and Storrs.

MACC does not believe in handouts, but we firmly believe in giving a helping hand when it is needed. We are not designed to be an entitlement program or sustaining income resource. In fact, the majority of MACC programs do not give financial assistance. Instead, MACC works side-by-side with individuals and families to help them manage their own resources better. Our staff is trained to see the bigger picture, which is much broader than providing emergency assistance during times of crisis. It means working with clients to develop a plan of action, helping them coordinate services, and serving as a resource and coach until their plan is completed and they are back on their feet.

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