Community Outreach Services

The Manager of  Community Outreach Services works closely with residents of Manchester and Bolton who are in emergency situations and need someone to listen, share information or direct them to appropriate services or programs  in the community that are designed to help them.  MACC Charities takes pride in being a dependable resource for those in need.  MACC may also be able to directly help with an emergency medical or financial need.   MACC is not an entitlement program and does not pay ongoing bills or duplicate programs or services.

MACC’s Community Outreach Services also offer ongoing empowerment groups and activities to help break the power that poverty, mental health issues, fear, poor choices, and addictions hold on too many lives today.   Breaking cycles of poverty is our mission and we desire to work with our community to  remove barriers that threaten our next generation.  Please contact us if you would like to volunteer in this important work.
Call (860) 647-8003 Ext. 31
Email us: sbaldassario (at)

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