What is KaBurst?

Not all modern communication tools are easy to understand and even fewer are committed to strengthening a local community. When KaBurst first came to visit us at MACC, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that they were serious about community, giving back (they donated the system to us for free), and offering a product accessible to anyone. 

KaBurst allows us here at MACC to write a short message about an emergency need or upcoming event which will then be sent immediately via email or text message to our followers. Most networking options require our volunteers and partners to  go online, login, and sift through recent updates. KaBurst makes it so the messages go to you. One free sign-up is all it takes to start receiving our “bursts”.

KaBurst is local, which means that it was started by locals and has many businesses already signed up. If you want to be aware of the specials at your favorite local restaurant or small business, simply wait for the burst to appear on your phone or in your email. These guys are also unqiue in that they all have a strong background in financial systems development which simply means that this network is extremely secure and all of your information is safe.

We hope that you sign-up for free at the Kaburst website to start receiving our updates within the next two weeks. Also, check out their blog where they recently highlighted our efforts at MACC!


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