Walking the Beat

There is nothing like face-to-face communication. One of the pastors from a MACC Member Church was visiting today and discussing his general approach to ministry. He likened it to “walking the beat”, without the usual implications that come along with law enforcement. Rather, from this perspective, the focus is on interaction, making eye contact, greeting, conversing and establishing a relationship.

He described in three words what some people have written  books about. At the end of the day, without this type of engagement, there would be no MACC. On the ground level, it all comes back to eye contact, shaking hands and talking. These basic gestures of life are what keep us human. These avenues of primal communication keep people from feeling neglected and marginalized.

When we “walk the beat” (read: serve/volunteer), we remember why we do what we do whether we are staff, volunteers or partners. This realization is why so many people volunteer at MACC. There are countless stories of first-time volunteers who came to serve a dinner and were nervous before dishing out the first meal. Most of those stories ended with an epiphany that we’re all people, we’re neighbors and crossing the threshold from a face to a name is one of the most important things we can do.

We invite you to walk the beat with us! Even if you have never volunteered before, we would hope that you consider joining us in our mission. If you already serve with us regularly, we hope that this resonates with your drive to restore dignity and hope.

Speak Your Mind


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