Volunteer Spotlight: “Miss” Donna

She calls herself “Miss Donna”, but her real name should be “Miss Personality”. Have you ever met someone who can completely change your day with just one smile? That’s Donna. You can hear her voice and laugh echo through the pantry as she jokes with other volunteers and clients. She radiates energy and joy and if you spend more than a minute around her, you might just give her a big hug!

She started volunteering at MACC Charities about a year and a half ago when her church first visited our pantry. She was a Sunday School teacher at the time and had been “praying for an opportunity to give back to the community.” Upon entering MACC, she knew this was where she wanted to spend her time.

When asked what her favorite part of volunteering at MACC is, she lights up. “I love working with the other volunteers- and kids, I love kids!” At this point in the interview, one of the other volunteers pokes his head around the corner and shouts, “Hey Donna! Can I have your autograph?” She just laughs and waves him off.

She continues talking while sorting through a small pile of canned food and body wash. “The other thing I enjoy is getting to ask children what they want when they come into the pantry. That is very special for me, to be able to ask if they want a certain kind of cereal and to be able to give it to them.” She really does love kids!

Without prompting, she begins to tell us the difficulties our pantry faces. “It’s tough to see people who come in at the end of the month because there’s very little food at that point.” Two things often happen as each month comes to a close: our pantry lines grow and our food donations slow. “People eat every day, not just on holidays. Our pantry here is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and we need food each day.”

She volunteers because she simply believes people shouldn’t have to go hungry. “It blesses me to be a blessing to people.” You know she means it. Donna volunteers to help, not to be helped. She comes to bless and give her time and energy. That is enough for her.

When asked for any final comments, she shamelessly gives a plug for the pantry. “We need more food, like jelly, condiments, canned meats, and also personal items like body wash, toothpaste and toothbrushes!” Miss Personality chuckles a little more during the last photograph and returns to her work in the pantry. Mondays and Wednesday are special days, particularly because Donna is here, smiling and serving.

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