Virtual Volunteers

Some volunteers are unable to visit a non-profit but still wish to participate in the mission. Others simply offer a skill-set best utilized online. Either way, volunteers are no longer defined simply by their physical proximity to a non-profit. While many opportunities exist where people are needed on the ground, the social nature of technology has made it so that people are now able to participate in a cause from a distance.

We have been thinking about a name for those opportunists — those hidden between the screen pixels and airwaves — who want to give their time and skills to non-profits without needing to be in the same time zone (though many are). They are the rogue bloggers and online data analysts, the copy-writers and the graphic designers, the proofreaders and social media butterflies, the Excel gurus and the consultants; they are the virtual volunteers. 

These new virtual opportunities do not eliminate the need or decrease the significance of volunteers in community kitchens, pantries, shelters or offices, they simply create new ways for people to get involved. Some of the benefits of the virtual volunteer:

  • Virtual volunteers can work on projects on a flexible time schedule (no set hours). People who might otherwise have been unable to participate can now make time on their own to join the mission.
  • Virtual volunteers are often quick communicators.
  • Virtual volunteers might be from a new pool of unexplored networks.
  • Virtual volunteers bring new and unique skill-sets to many non-profits.
  • Virtual volunteers can fill vital gaps in many non-profit technology initiatives.

Being that non-profits and social service organizations are generating more online content and are increasingly aware of their marketing and branding needs, a gate into a new realm has been opened for the computer-savvy and tech-lovers, regardless of age or location. MACC is no exception.

We encourage you to contact us if you want to participate in our mission as a virtual volunteer.


Nathan Oldham


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