This is What Community Looks Like

Our volunteers are amazing. That word has been overused but it best captures the way we feel about the people who give their time, mind, energy and resources so we can meet emergency needs in our community.

A few weeks ago we discussed the bare shelves that tend to appear during the summer months, this is what they looked like:

The response was swift. Volunteers heard the call and filled our shelves so no families or individuals would have to face a slim selection of food. There is a sense of ownership that compels the volunteers around here to action. The stakes are high. They know what it means when we say that our shelves are decimated; it means that our neighbors might not eat if we don’t make something happen, quickly. 

It has been a few weeks since the word spread about the need and volunteers are still bringing in food from drives and events. Today happened to be the day of the Temple Food Drive at our local Stop and Shop (pictured below). Our massive sorting table was hidden beneath the piles of food and there was still more coming in!

There have been many other drives and there are many more on the way. We simply want to acknowledge and thank all of our volunteers who have given so generously to keep these shelves full. Though the needs will never go away, we believe the army of men and women who stand by our side will always push back against hunger and poverty in our community, regardless of  the season or the reason.


  1. Warms my heart! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Community, it’s what we do.

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