Thirty Seconds

Read this on the Manchester Patch:
There is an advertisement circulating the airwaves right now which leaves the audience with a question: “What can we do with 30 seconds?” The commercial has a variety of options which include beginning to learn electric guitar or creating a new language with a friend. Better ideas exist.Though the suggestions in the ad fall short of the potential energy wrapped in the message, we can develop our own list to answer the question. Here are a few ideas: in 30 seconds, we can make someone laugh. In 30 seconds, we can speak words of hope into someone’s life. In 30 seconds we can turn someone’s day around. In 30 seconds, we can speak up about an issue or donate to a cause. Even more, in 30 seconds, we can change the course of a life.

When we begin to think in terms of important phrases, taking action, keywords, and eye contact, 30 seconds begins to seem like a long time. A lot can happen in a half of a minute. Let’s take this a step further from “What can we do with 30 seconds” to “What will we do with 30 seconds?”

At MACC Charities, we have myriad half-minutes that intersect opportunities where a few words and some eye contact can completely change someone’s day or week. As James Murray — author of “The Emptiness of Our Hands” — suggests, sometimes the best gift you can give to the underprivileged is eye contact. Around here, 30 seconds hold tremendous potential and we believe this is true for the world outside of our efforts in Manchester.

Let’s unleash the potential of a half-minute together by considering what we will to do next time one arrives, ready to burst at the seams with hope, dignity, love and peace. Don’t let the moment pass you by. Make the choice to rise above your comfort and think about how much good can happen in such a short period of time.

If you want to have direct impact at MACC, take a half-minute to donate: $11 a week can feed a family. Or come and volunteer with us! Use some of your half-minutes here to make eye contact and have uplifting and hopeful conversations. However you choose to spend your time, we encourage you to go beyond creating funny languages and explore the world of potential that is before you.

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