Saturday Serves

What is a “Saturday Serves”?

A “Saturday Serves” is a no-strings-attached opportunity for new volunteers to come and experience MACC firsthand.

What makes “Saturday Serves” different than other volunteer opportunities?

These events serve as a first-step for new volunteers interested in MACC. There is no commitment expected beyond the day you sign up for. This first-step let’s people learn the culture of MACC and decide after a day of work if they want to come back for more. This also serves as an outlet for those of you who have a few hours to knock out for a class requirement or community service.

Do I have to come to a “Saturday Serves” if I am a new volunteer?

Yes. Rather than arbitrarily placing volunteers into roles without any familiarity with MACC, we want you to learn more about us and we want to learn more about you. This way we can determine the “best fit”.

Can I come to a “Saturday Serves” if I am a regular volunteer?

The short answer is yes, this event is open to anyone. We do suggest, however, that you consider letting the new volunteers give a crack at some of the jobs around campus! Perhaps consider volunteering for one of our upcoming events (Golf Tournaments, Food Drives, etc.)

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