Olympic Lessons

Winning needs to be redefined. It is a good thing to applaud the accomplishments of one person, but it is even better to revere the moments where people depend on one-another to accomplish a common goal.

This past week, the Olympic stadium in London thundered with applause as an injured hurdler decided to finish the race. He kissed the last hurdle, crossed the finish line and hobbled into the embrace and support of other Olympic athletes. The moment of defeat became an iconic victory that will be remembered for generations.

Victory is not always about winning gold, sometimes it is about rising from the ashes to meet the goal amidst searing pain. The thing to keep in mind is that these types of victories are not accomplished alone. This athlete probably would have simply walked away from the goal if there was no cheering crowd. Just like our hurdler, our neighbors who are deemed “disqualified” need the support of their immediate community to cross the line.

At MACC, we’re all about victory. It might not be a pretty process, but we are committed to providing the resources and encouragement to help our neighbors meet their goal. There may be no shining gold medal, but we can win the prize. When we clothe a family who lost all of their belongings in a fire, we win. When we keep an elderly woman from freezing in her house by keeping her heat on, we win. When we make it so a family can afford to eat, we win.

This is what victory looks like.

This is what community looks like.

Liu Xiang – Time Images

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