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We love volunteers. Many of you choose to give your time and resources to help shoulder MACC’s mission and we are continually amazed by you. Our MACC MINUTE recently was sent out and the last snippet on the newsletter was a short list of new volunteer positions. While these positions are open to existing volunteers, we strongly encourage people who are new to MACC to take a look at the list and apply as well. For those of you interested in serving with us in a new capacity, here is some more information about the positions:

  • E-Newsletter Wizard: Our e-newsletter, the MACC MINUTE, is becoming one of our most frequent platforms of communication with our volunteers and member churches. We want to make it look and feel clean, fun and modern. We are searching for someone proficient in HTML so we can customize the MACC MINUTE to meet our branding demands. If you have experience in HTML and want to help serve with MACC in this way, call or email us.
  • Media Team: This is going to be a relatively large group that will produce a range of products meant to clarify, creatively communicate and carry our vision further into the community. This group will require the input of graphic artists, film and cinematography professionals, photographers, and public relations experts (for News Releases, etc.). While experience is preferred, we encourage students to apply as well.
  • Proofing Team: We write a lot of text at MACC and our eyes start to blur when we stare too long at our emails, newsletters and reports. We need a group of people who are detail-oriented and proficient with MS Word and email. We would regularly send out current projects via email to our proofing team and would expect a response within a short period of time.
There are always other opportunities to serve in our kitchen and pantry and we are open to ideas for new volunteer roles. If you are interested in any of the above positions, please email Nathan Oldham:


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