Kitchen Update

She stared at the floor and you could almost imagine her wiggling her toes inside those beat-up shoes. It was her first day back in the community kitchen since renovations and the new wooden veneer floor presented a feeling of welcome, a sense of warmth. The cold tile was suddenly gone.

She walked over to one of the staff and looked up. “This floor…makes me want to take off my shoes!”

Our guests were encouraged to keep their shoes on but we knew immediately that changing the flooring was the right choice. For a while we have been wanting to change the feeling of our community kitchen. We wanted to move away from the feeling of a cafeteria and towards a home-style kitchen with wood floors, round tables and a warm atmosphere. If on the first day, people are ready to kick off their shoes then it would appear we are on the right track.

Our pantry adds dignity to those who use our services because it feels like shopping in a small market. Now, our kitchen adds dignity to those who use our food services because it fosters interaction and community.




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