You may have started to see the phrase “Join us.” written on various MACC materials. This is not just a catchy branding initiative, it is a firm belief that it takes a community-wide force to push back against desperation and poverty.

“Join us.” is a very different message than “Help us.” simply because we don’t want to exist as an organization where you come only when we are nearing the brink of desperation. The fact is that poverty is a tireless, day-in and day-out, relentless hope-killer. Our mission must not only match — but exceed — the weight and strength of the poverty that traps our neighbors. It takes a community of hopeful, determined, loving and passionate individuals to push back and restore hope. This is our burden to carry together.

MACC Charities has existed for years with a community that has understood what “Join us.” means. However, our pantry continues to swell with families and the elderly and our kitchen continues to plate food for the empty stomachs. The call to “Join us.” is as prevalent now as it ever was because poverty is not resting today. We don’t need you to merely fill an empty slot when we need it, we want you to recognize that there is always a need and it is our mission to meet those needs together.

So, will you “Join us.”? If you already have, will you consider spreading this message? There is no maximum capacity for this mission; there is always room.

We always have new and ongoing volunteer opportunities, upcoming events and a place to give to our mission.

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