In the Beginning

What is this?

Welcome to the somewhat informal yet always pertinent blog that chronicles the journey of MACC Charities. In case you are unfamiliar with them, blogs are simply online communication tools that allow for regular updates of news, ideas, events and more.  If you’re wondering what you are supposed to do with this site, you can relax and know that all you have to do is check in a few times a week to see what else we have posted. So, to get things started, you might want to bookmark this page so you don’t forget it!

Why start a blog?

There are a few good reasons to write a blog for MACC:

  1. Regular updates: as I mentioned, we now have a free way to keep you up to date and informed as to our current events.
  2. Engagement: blogs are interactive. This means that readers can comment on and share any story on this site. Join the conversation!
  3. Networking: lots of people blog and there is a booming interest in the “blogosphere” that can lead to increased exposure of our efforts.
  4. Fun: blogging is enjoyable, both for the writers and the audience.

Who is this for?

This blog is for everyone and anyone. It is open to MACC Staff, volunteers and guests.

Now what?

Now you can scroll around (although there is not much content yet) and read the stories, look at the pictures and watch the videos. We encourage you to comment on stories and share the posts with your friends, family or community. The more people that come to this site and read the content, the greater chance we have of spreading the word about our efforts here in Manchester. Thank you for reading, come back often!

Oh! And don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. We also just joined Kaburst and highly recommend you sign up for it- more to come on that…

– Nathan Oldham | Community Engagement Coordinator

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