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We are bombarded with organizations and non-profits asking for support on a daily basis. Every time we open a magazine, turn on the TV, or scroll through a website, numbers and catchy tag-lines jump out and grab our attention. Each message is trying to connect with our unique passions and interests and draw us to their mission. It is a vortex of good intentions.

I’m not complaining. I see no reason why we wouldn’t support multiple causes — we all know how many issues are facing this planet right now — but there are a few reasons why I think you should consider making MACC one of the primary causes you support. Here are a few thoughts:

  1. We are a local effort engaging world-wide crises. Poverty, hunger and homelessness are not unique to Manchester, but the best way to meet basic emergency needs is by beginning in our own back yard. People in Africa are hungry and so are people on Main Street in Manchester. Support both.
  2. Your dollar goes far with us. By the time we calculate the impact of your dollar, we have taken into account the constant food donations, volunteer hours and financial support we receive. This is why we tell you that “$11 a week can feed a family of 4!” 
  3. You live here. Poverty affects people in this immediate area. Our reach covers Manchester, Bolton, South Windsor and Glastonbury…that is over 100,000 people who live here who have the opportunity to participate and make a difference locally.
  4. We can do it. Surely, with over 100,000 people in these towns, we could meet the needs of a minority who are suffering from homelessness, hunger and poverty. There is strength in numbers but there is change when those numbers commit to changing their community. 

I don’t just believe in MACC because I work here, I believe in MACC because we make a difference. We make a difference every day as we help people back to their feet. We make a difference as we break through stereotypes. We make a difference as our community groups, churches and individuals give of their time, energy and resources to create change.

So, the questions remains, will you Join us?

– Nathan | Community Engagement Coordinator

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