Forever Changed

“I wish I could serve them today, tomorrow, every day.”


Recently, a church group from the South came to visit Lifesong, a new church plant in Manchester. As a part of their visit to New England, they chose to serve at MACC for five nights in a row. We asked for one of their team members to write some thoughts down and here was the response:

Before going to Connecticut on the mission trip, a friend told me I would be forever changed.  How could that be possible?  How would I know?

Day 1…I entered MACC not knowing what to expect.  I was a little apprehensive as I listened to the supervisor giving directions for serving.  I was not sure I could do this. I wasn’t sure I knew what to say to them or how to react with the guests.

Day 2…I was back at MACC with more confidence to get the job done. They made it easy to greet, serve and converse. I recognized faces and I greeted them with Southern Hospitality.  One guest commented on my accent…accent? I have an accent?  When we saw them out in the town, we waved and they recognized us.

Day 3…again the mission team and I were ready to give, love, share…we were all set (a new term we learned in CT) to show love to the guests. Several mission team members talked with the guests while others served.

Day 4.. only one more day to serve. Wow, what a week!  The time went by way too fast. I would miss the guests… their smiles, their politeness, their chatter. I will never forget their faces.

Day 5…The mission team would have to say goodbye to some awesome people that we served dinner to for 5 days. We would miss conversing with them no matter how it happened…a smile, a thank you, a nod and a yes, please.

I wish I could serve them today, tomorrow, every day.  They lifted me when I was supposed to be lifting them. Why are there tears when I think of them?  They were real people who needed love and attention. They were happy to see us…they would say “here they come..they are here again!”  At the end of the week they were our friends and we loved them.  And yes, I am forever changed.

Jane Blackwell


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