Food Drive

Carter Chevrolet vs. Bennet Academy

By Kyle S. Reyes, Director of Marketing

Right before the storm last week, I stopped at the grocery store for a few of the basics.  It wasn’t because a storm was coming – it was because I’d been too lazy for the past week to actually go grocery shopping.

I threw some oranges and bananas in the cart.  Limes went in next.  They weren’t a necessity, but really – have you ever tried to make a mojito without limes?

Going past the canned goods, I grabbed a few extra cans of tuna fish.  I figured if Sandy turned out to be a bust, there’s always the looming Mayan prediction / fiscal cliff / Honey Boo Boo world-takeover.

What a luxury to be able to throw a few extra items in the cart.  It’s easy to forget that there are so many in the world – and our own neighborhoods – that can barely get by.

That’s why our team at Carter Chevrolet and the kids at Bennet Academy are having a friendly competition.  We want to see which team is able to collect more canned goods and help more people.

So we need your help at Carter Chevrolet to kick those kids’ little aaaaa…..mbitions.

From November 14th to November 16th, we’re parking a 2013 Chevy Silverado in front of Bennet Academy (it will be in their courtyard on the 16th).  We’ll also have a truck parked in our showroom at 1229 Main Street in Manchester.  We’re asking people to bring donations of non-perishable items to “stuff the truck.”

If Bennet Academy collects more donations during the three day period, Carter Chevrolet will deliver pizzas to the class that collected the most donations during their in-school food drive (which runs from November 1 to November 16).

If Carter Chevrolet collects more donations during the three day period, Principal Joe Chella will have to hand-wash every Chevy Silverado in the lot….in the freezing November cold air.

All of the donations will go to the Manchester Area Conference of Churches (MACC) Food Pantry, which provides free groceries to Manchester and Bolton families in emergency situations.

We REALLY want to see Principal Chella doing some car washing…don’t you?


Psst…by the way, THE KIDS WON!

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