This past weekend, at SUMMERSTOCK 2012, we launched a new initiative called FAMILY4FAMILY. It’s pretty simple actually: we are handing out assembled boxes for families to collect money together for other families in our immediate community who are in need.

The front text on the box talks about the $11 a week it takes to feed a family of four and the need for communities to come together to help other families who might not be able to afford their own groceries and meals. If you can hit $11 a week as a family, great! If not, you need to remember that no donation is too small.

One of our shelter guests was recently telling us that he never walks by a penny. “Some people tell me, ‘It’s just a penny’, but I always say that a hundred pennies is a buck!” It’s true.

If you didn’t get a box at Summerstock, our office is packed with them! You can pick a bunch up for you, your neighborhood, your MOPS group, your church, or your school. We can also mail them to you if you are unable to come by our location.

The name FAMILY4FAMILY is important because we believe that one family who has $11 a week can help a family who doesn’t have it. It also came from the Allstate commercial which says, “Dollar for dollar, nobody protects you from mayhem like Allstate.” We thought, “Family for family, nothing protects our community from poverty like unity.”


  1. Sounds like a great idea to bring it to the family helping family level. I can see my kids getting behind that. And $11 a week is definitely a doable goal. But I’m curious – how do you figure $11 feeds four people for a week? Is this your operating cost to help that family? Or as a supplement to a gov’t program that’s already helping them? Because there’s no way I can see feeding my family for $11 for the week, unless I’m feeding them Ramen all week, and if that’s the case, then while the $11 would be “feeding” the family, it’s not really nourishing them.

    • Nathan Oldham says:

      J thanks for your comment and GREAT question because I’m sure a lot of people are wondering the same thing.

      The only reason we can make this claim is because, as an agency, we have the blessing of volunteers and lots of people in the community who give generous donations of food and money. We have worked the numbers and by the time we average out the amount of food a family of four consumes and calculate the cost after donations and volunteer man-hours, it ends up being roughly $11/wk. In a way, it is supplemental, it’s just not necessarily from the government all the time.

      So, you’re right, most people cannot feed four mouths for $11/wk. which is part of the reason we encourage people to give to MACC. It’s not because we’re selfish! The dollar actually goes further here.

      Thanks again for your comment I hope this response is helpful.

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