Family 4 Family

A short while ago, we asked the community what you needed from us to get more involved. One of the clearest responses was that there needed to be more opportunities for families to get involved. This is why we developed FAMILY4FAMILY.

This initiative is a way for families with children of all ages to talk about need and how we can meet them, one family to another. It only costs $11/wk. through MACC Charities to feed a family of four. We have pre-assembled boxes which have a FAMILY4FAMILY sticker on them in which families can collect spare change. Maybe your goal is to fill it with $11 a week. Maybe your family goal is to fill it with $11 a month. Either way, your family is feeding another family.

If you want to pick up your box or arrange for a time to drop off your full box, email us at!

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