Faith in Action

April 15th was supposed to be rainy. At least, this is what the weather was calling for a few days before Faith in Action. To our immense delight on the morning of the event, the sun broke through the clouds did a spectacular job warming up our little home in Manchester to about 77 degrees.

Faith in Action is a national event where churches can opt to go into the community on a Sunday and forego their usual service. Concordia Lutheran Church decided to bring the event to our doorstep this year, offering to paint our entire kitchen, pantry and shelter.

As the sun got higher, the MACC coordinator at Concordia (Trisha) brought some last minute supplies to our facilities. We set up the tables that would soon sag under the weight of the paint and brushes and we opened the doors and windows to the kitchen. With the naked walls and piles of furniture in the middle of the rooms, we were ready to get the event started.

Volunteers started pouring in at 10. Young and old, men and women, children and grandparents rolled up their sleeves to begin the facelift. They rolled the Beige onto our kitchen walls, the Sage Green onto our shelter, and the Mountain Air Blue onto our pantry. Faces were speckled with drops of color and overalls were smeared with paint as the group coated our walls.

The whole time, all I could think of was, “This is what church looks like.” MACC is the extension of 36 churches and events like Faith in Action remind us how beautiful this mosaic is. One of the greatest privileges of working at MACC is getting to see the relationships that are built among our churches, people and businesses in the greater Manchester area. Truly, there is nothing like community.

So here’s a “thank you” to Concordia, the businesses that joined with us in this event, and the people who showed up to make the vision a reality. Together, we are helping to restore lives and build hope by meeting emergency needs.

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