Thank you

Your gift will greatly help the good work MACC does for our community. There is no reason for anyone to be hungry in our great nation, yet hungry they are. There is no reason for people to not have a home, but homelessness is a tragic reality for our community, nation and world. There is no reason for people not to have appropriate clothing on their backs and shoes on their feet, but too many are not dressed appropriately for the weather and their shoes do not keep their feet dry. There is no explanation for the loneliness that haunts men, women and children, but loneliness and lack of connection to other people feels epidemic at times in our world.

MACC is blessed to be supported by compassionate people like you that do not sit down at your own table before you think of those who have no food at their table, that do not enjoy the comfort of your bed without thinking of those who wonder where they will lay their head, that share your gently used clothing with your community and who volunteer to make the connection with people who need your touch, kindness and listening ears. May God bless you as you have blessed your neighbors in crisis.

Thank you for being a partner in good for our community.

Beth Stafford – Executive Director/CEO


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