Crave Film

It takes courage to be known.

To be known means that we must in some way present ourselves as vulnerable. To be known, we must reveal ourselves, step forth from the shadows, and stare back into eyes of the world.

We recently produced a short film at MACC which featured the eyes of our clients (one or two are volunteers). At first glance, the 2-3 minutes of footage may not seem like more than a benign montage, but consider the implications of “being known” and you will realize that the significance of this film is greater than you might expect. By standing in front of a camera for ten seconds, these clients are saying, “I am willing to be known.” They are the courageous ones who offer one of the most intimate forms of human communication — eye contact — to a large and diverse audience. It takes courage to be known.

Many of those who agreed to stand in front of the camera simply hoped that this would help MACC continue to provide the services that they were using. Rather than being ashamed, they met the eyes of the audience and let you stare into their soul. I’m not sure how many of us would be so willing to bare our souls.

Take a moment to view the film. Then share it. Talk with your friends and family about the courage of being known.




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