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Manchester, CT is a blessed community and I am a blessed woman.

Today is my 13th  anniversary of serving as the Executive Director/CEO of MACC Charities and this morning, I started my day off with fifty (50)  people from our community at the Mayor’s 3rd Annual Prayer Breakfast held on the National Day of Prayer. Our Mayor, Leo Diana spoke and presented a proclamation for the event.

We enjoyed a special  time of prayer, song, reflection and fellowship.  The fifty people in attendance represented  our approximate 55,000 residents (that is about 11,000 each).  Faith Leaders from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities led prayers,songs and shared their faith, reflections, readings and scriptures with those in attendance.  If you have a little better day than most, you may want to think about the prayers said on your behalf today.

The Spiritual Leaders of Manchester prayed for our first responders, schools, students, families, elected officials, the poor, elderly, our freedoms, peace, unity, diversity, tolerance, our military, economy, jobs, the hungry and spoke of respect of faith, each other and how faith can make a community better.

It was beautiful and, as one minister put it, we are beautiful people.  From where I sit, I see how we bless each other every day.  Take a moment today to be thankful.  Talk to someone about faith today.  If we take the time to reflect on the good things in our town and invest in its people, we will see the change we want in our community.

Manchester is a wonderful place to live, work, worship and play.  I believe this – do you?

– Beth Stafford | CEO

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