Alone, this number may not mean much to you. To us, it means a lot because this was the total deposit from our first return of FAMILY4FAMILY boxes! On each box, there is a line that reads, “$11 feeds a family of four for a week.” If you do some quick math, there was a family that was fed for 11 weeks. Or, two families that were fed for over a month. This is good news!

We’ve talked before about how the dollar goes further at MACC — how the constant efforts of volunteers and generous flow of donations allows us to feed more people for less money — and this is a perfect example. Is $128 a mind-blowing number? No. What is mind-blowing is that $128 can feed a family for over two months. Anybody who shops for groceries knows how expensive food is, so to be able to help people through hard times for $11 a week is an opportunity we shouldn’t pass by!

Thank you to those who participated in the first-wave of FAMILY4FAMILY boxes. If you want to get your family on board to help a family in your community, send us an email!

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